Carrying on the tradition is the innovation

In Taurasi area, in San Mango sul Calore, Antico Castello winery preserves traditional winemaking, with new technologies. A combination of modernity and tradition, passion for the land and entrepreneurial vision of wine. Antico Castello wants to show the modern side of Irpinia, together with the welcoming, smiling and active identity of this land.

Who we are

Family Portrait

We were not a family of farmers, but in the end the earth changes us. Antico Castello was born in 2006 and its name derives from an ancient feudal building that was destroyed by a big earthquake in 1980. Mom Fiorenza and Dad Franco wanted to write a “new story” for our land and for this they create the farm in San Mango sul Calore where they were born, in the Taurasi DOCG area, a village in the province of Avellino at about 450m above sea level

Our vineyards