“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

Kahlil Gibran

Family Portrait

The siblings Francesco and Chiara Romano have chosen with love and bravery to stay in Irpinia and share their feeling of belongingness with their parents, by working in the family winery. We were not a family of farmers, but in the end the earth changes us. Antico Castello was born in 2006 and its name derives from an ancient feudal building that was destroyed by a big earthquake in 1980.

Mom Fiorenza and Dad Franco wanted to write a “new story” for our land and for this they create the farm in San Mango sul Calore where they were born, in the Taurasi DOCG area, a village in the province of Avellino at about 450m above sea level.


#theromanosiblings, name for us

Chiara, born in 1987, graduated in Economics and Management, attended the accademic course in wine business, professional sommelier

Francesco, born in 1985, graduated in Civil Engineering, authorized to practice agrotechnician, professional sommelier


We are trying to create a company that can be a melting pot of creativity, organization, knowledge, relationship but above all perseverance


In 2009, we became owners of the company under the gaze of our parents. To stay in our land, we decided to “reinvent ourselves” by following courses and entering  in the world step by step. Courage, challenge, but most of all, the desire to succeed.


In Irpinia, where so much has been done but so much remains to be done and for this reason we do not hide that we feel an “odi et amo” towards these territories but perhaps simply because it is an indication of a great love story


The reason is simple: we are all together, we are a Family.



Cutting-edge technologies at the service of high quality grapes, only in this way are excellent results achieved.

The winery knows how to best accommodate the grapes at the moment of vinification: soft membrane press and steel tanks, for the delicate white grapes; French oak barrels and barrels, for important reds.

With the same attention the winery receives its guests:
a modern tasting room where gastronomic moments are combined with musical and artistic events, for a public who loves good wine and the values ​​that surround it. All this is Antico Castello and it is what Chiara and Francesco work for every day.

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