“Terra mia, terra mia, comm’è bello a la guardà”

Pino Daniele

On the way to Irpinia

A journey to go beyond wine

A few kilometers from the Amalfi coast and from the colorful Naples, a dip into the ordered rows of Aglianico, Fiano and Greco… welcome to  the heart of Irpinia! An authentic paradise of green tourism, to be discovered by walking through the valleys and mountains or by walking through the villages rich in art and history. A nature of incredible beauty, the same that made this province deserve the nickname of “Verde Irpinia“.

Irpinia today is the only province to have three D.O.C.G.


Aglianico, Vitis Ellenica, is the red grape variety with a strong personality that needs time, wood and a specific area to become the prized Taurasi DOCG.
In fact, according to rules, Taurasi can be produced only in a rather limited area in the Calore’s Valley and embraces seventeen municipalities on the right and left banks of the river. Before being released on the market it is necessary to mature for three years (four for the Riserva), of which at least one in wooden barrels (18 months for the Riserva).


Fiano, Vitis Apiana, is the white grape considered one of the best Italian native grape varieties for several varietal personality, territorial readability and longevity power. Ancient origins are evidenced by the mention in the writings dates back to Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia.


Greco is a white grape variety with Hellenic origin that made its appearance in Southern Italy starting from the 7th century  BC following the Greek colonization which then gave birth to Magna Graecia. This wine with strong minerality and personality give a structure similar to a red wines in fact is well known like “red failure”.

Already Pliny the Elder was beginning to praise its qualities: “In truth, Greco wine was so prized, that at banquets it was poured only once