“Always ready for a new idea and an ancient wine”

Bertold Brecht

Wine 2.0

Missione possibile

The link between the company and the territory is profound, expressed by the choice to make wine only on its own grapes.
The clayey limestone soils, the south-east exposure of the vineyards, the 450 meters above sea level and the beneficial effect of the waters of the Calore river downstream
they give a unicum to the grapes and wines of Antico Castello.
Opens the range of excellence on TAURASI , the king of southern wines and flagship of the company’s production,
flanked by the PDO Irpinia line in the renowned versions AGLIANICO, FIANO, GRECO AND FALANGHINA .

The Craft Making

I distillati

With new ideas and renewed passion, the typical flavors of tradition are recovered and reinterpreted. To complete the range of products, there is a persuasive distillate of red figs from San Mango, grown in organic farming, Amarenico and cooked wine, coming from the skilful processing of Aglianico grapes. An exceptional trio, carefully chosen to add a touch of delicacy to sweet or tasty recipes after dinner.


Aromatico e dolce

Liqueur expertly elaborated from Aglianico
and flavored with sour cherry. To best enjoy it, it should be drunk cold,
alone or paired with complex desserts.

Vino Cotto

Tradizionale e Prezioso

Typical artisan product obtained from
direct heat concentration of the sweet Aglianico must.
Very useful in the kitchen to prepare desserts,
it also lends itself well for decoration
of dishes and enriches cooking stocks with precious aromas.

Distillato di Fichi

Deciso e suadente

From the fermentation of the sweet figs of San Mango,
a sweet and persuasive distillate is extracted in purity to be enjoyed as a perfect after dinner